What Is HUGO?

Our hospital is embarking on transformative work we are calling HUGO -- Healthcare Undergoing Optimization -- to enhance patient safety and quality of care.

There are 10 participating hospitals in the HUGO project that have the foundational components of the electronic patient record (EPR) in place. HUGO, the next phase of transformation, involves:

  • computerized provider order entry (CPOE),
  • electronic medication administration record (eMAR),
  • barcoding, also called closed loop medication administration (CLMA),
  • electronic medication reconciliation (eMed Rec).

These four components form HUGO, and will transform our clinical service delivery model, improve quality and safety of care for patients through evidence- based care, standardization, bar coding technology to reduce medication errors, automation, and process flow change.


1.  Increased Patient Safety - - Reduced medication errors - Meet ROP Accreditation standards - Error checking for duplicate or incorrect doses/tests

2.  Improved patient outcomes - Evidence based decision support - Alerts

3.  Improved access - Reduced diagnostic turn-around times - Improved wait times

4.  Reduced Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR)

5. Improved communication

HUGO will be the most comprehensive evidence-based ordering system for a regional hospital system in Ontario, and a model for other regions across the country.