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We proudly report that Alexandra Hospital has received full accreditation status from Accreditation Canada for 2012-2015. In September 2012, accreditation surveyors toured our organization and followed a patients through their "journey of care", reviewing documentation, process, safety and quality. AHIs participation in accreditation demonstrates an ongoing commitment to quality and accountability to our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and community. In addition to evaluating the quality of care and service provided, the accreditation process allows AHI the opportunity to celebrate its successes, and plan a roadmap for improvements in to the future.

Infection Rates
In September 2008, hospital's are required by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to publicly report on their Clostridium Difficile (C. Difficile) rates.  C. Difficile is the first of several infectious diseases to be subject to province-wide reporting requirements for Ontario hospitals.  Alexandra Hospital has posted these rates and will continue to update on a monthly basis.  See Patient Safety page.

Provincial Benchmarking
The Ontario Hospital Association hosts a website designed to make you an informed user of Ontario's health care system.  To learn more about how we measure up onpatient satisfaction, quality of care, safety and outcomes go to www.myhospitalcare.ca

Quality Improvement Plan

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Quality Improvement Plan


Wait Times
In October 2005, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care launched a website that publishes data on wait times for key surgical procedures at Ontario hospitals.  Measuring hospital specific wait-times will give hospitals and the government a fact and evidence basis from which we can identify ways to increase efficiency and standardize best practices and target funding to improve patient access.

By visiting www.health.gov.on.ca and selecting the Wait Times link, Ontarians can see how long patients are waiting for treatment in five key services that are part of the governments Wait Time Strategy:  cataract surgery, cancer surgery, hip and knee replacements, select cardiac procedures, MRI and CT scans.

Wait times are categorized on the website by procedure, hospital and Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) - beginning with data as of July 2005.  This information is updated regularly.

The public release of this data is a positive step in our efforts to measure and reduce wait times and improve the quality of patient care.  Our hospital is working hard to serve our patients well.  At Alexandra Hospital, we have implemented a number of initiatives to help shorten wait times and we will continue to evaluate our progress in this regard.

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