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The Excellent Care for All Act received Royal Assent on June 8, 2010 which requires all hospitals in Ontario to have a Declaration of Values developed through public consultation to be available by June 8, 2011.  Alexandra Hospital supports our patients and families being involved in care-planning and decision-making and has developed the following:



Patients' Rights
The Alexandra Hospital believess that hospital personnel shoud be a community of caring persons and strive to providehigh quality
care.  We value the following fundamental rights of patients and are committed to maintain an environment that both fosters and protects these rights:

  1. To receive considerate and respectful care and assistance, and appropriate nursing and medical assessment and treatment regardless of colour, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, religious belief or financial status and to be free from mental and physical abuse.

  2. To have one’s condition, care and treatment explained in simplified terms to the best of the hospital’s ability to oneself, or authorized decision maker, and to participate in one’s care plan.
  3. To receive ongoing information concerning one’s diagnosis, treatment and any known prognosis.
  4. To have one’s personal, financial, medical and other records entrusted to the hospital, kept in confidence, and available only to those for whom the information is essential.
  5. To refuse and/or accept medical treatment and medication, if mentally competent, except for mandatory rules for safety and to be informed of the medical consequences of any refusal.
  6. To be introduced to and informed of the professional status of individuals providing care and service.
  7. To be accommodated in a safe and clean environment.
  8. To receive a complete explanation of the need to transfer to another facility, and of the alternatives to such a transfer.
  9. To receive information regarding healthcare requirements when planning for discharge from the hospital. To expect that we will do our utmost to provide reasonable continuity of care, including appointments, resources, and health care in the community following discharge.
  10. To have a choice of participating in research, studies, surveys and teaching opportunities.
  11. To provide feedback to the hospital on the care one is receiving or has received and to have concerns addressed in a timely manner.
  12. To be informed of one’s responsibilities and role in patient safety.
  13. To have a patient,guardian or family member stay 24 hours per day in specific circumstances.

Patients' Responsibilities
The Alexandra Hospital is committed to promoting health care, which addresses the needs of each person and to provide compassionate and quality care to those we serve.  We believe that patients should participate in their treament and be given the opportunity to make decisions regarding their helath.  We also believe that patients have the following responsibilities:

  1. To be considerate and respectful of health care providers.
  2. To provide accurate information to appropriate personnel, and to report any unexpected changes in your condition.
  3. To ensure personal safety by adhering to Patient Safety Guidelines.
  4. To observe health and safety regulations, including the hospital’s infection precautions policy, violence and harassment policy and smoking restriction.
  5. To keep appointments or to contact the hospital when this is not possible.
  6. To follow the treatment plan as discussed and mutually agreed upon by you and your physician, including cooperating with other health care providers implementing physician orders.
  7. To make appropriate and timely arrangements for leaving the hospital, upon discharge by your physician.
  8. To assure that any personal financial obligations for your health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.
  9. To consider participating in research, studies, surveys and teaching opportunities.
  10. To ask questions when you do not understand or if you require additional information on the care you are receiving.
  11. To provide feedback on the care that you receive in a timely manner.


We welcome your feedback. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your comments.